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    Abraham Lincoln papers...the Library of Congress

    I found this looking through some of the files for President Abraham Lincoln...I was wonderin'...Did he write anywhere in his famous lifetime about working in the Boone Brother's Distillery near Knob Creek?...I know of other historian's who have written about Young Abe wroking there but has Abe been quoted or did "HE" write anything about this?...

    Abraham Lincoln, said that the happiest time his life was at Knob Creek (his boyhood home)...

    Knob Creek is down the road from my home...

    When my husband Pat was in college...(Pat, majored in History) His history professor told him that Abraham Lincoln was asked--during the war years---would he like to go back to Kentucky and visit---Lincoln's response was...No, they would probably kill me...He specifically mentiioned the Knob Creek area and he said the name of a prominent family that owned a tremendous amount of slaves in the county---and a extensive amount of land...Their deed was signed by Patrick Henry for thousands of acres for payment of services rendered for soldiering in the Revolutionary War...This professor did not know that Pat was from the same area as Lincoln...Truth? False? some things we will never know...

    This document is from the Library of Congress...The date...Christmas Eve...There has got to more to the story...

    Bettye Jo
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    Re: Abraham Lincoln papers...the Library of Congress

    Lincoln was very young when the family left Kentucky. There are some traditions about his time there. His father, Thomas, is described as a "seasonal hand" at the distillery, but all distilling was seasonal in those days. One tradition is that young Abe would take his father's supper to him at the distillery. Another is that he once saved the life of a schoolmate who fell into the rain-swollen Knob Creek.



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