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    Re: Making of Templeton Rye Video

    Quote Originally Posted by TomH View Post
    Actually, I enjoyed seeing inside LDI, but I must agree with you about the other video being great (I really can't figure out how it managed to pop up in the related videos list).
    Maybe because the subject is what's real, what's not, what can be made to seem real, and whether to some people it even matters.

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    Re: Making of Templeton Rye Video

    Watching the video was like watching a dirt-bag politician skillfully "walk back" his previous statements and lay down a slick story containing a mixture of un-debunkable/unprovable statements and statements while technically true are designed to mislead the viewer and continue as much of the BS ruse as possible.


    A while back while trying diferent beers at an Old Chicago I was talking to a fellow patron about Templeton. He knew it wasn't made in Iowa but didn't know it was made by LDI, nor did he know anything about bulk whiskey purchases and bottlers who are not distillers. He does now.



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