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Rare Breed never disappoints, while others have in the past...
Yes, it does! Fairly frequently, for me, at least. Now, I've has some excellent Rare Breed. But, it's the exception, in my experience, not the rule. And I find same-numbered 'batches' awfully variable (and long-lasting! -- the same one's been on the shelf here in Middle Tennessee close to 10 years now. It doesn't sell!), too.
Like Woodford Reserve in the post-honey-barrel state, I just don't risk it, anymore.

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...Hopefully once the stock/supplies build back up we will see WT 12 yr again
And this, perhaps, is why I tend to 'hate on' Rare Breed. When 12yo WT bourbon can be THIS GOOD by itself, why is God's Creation do they ruin it by blending it with vastly-inferior, 6- and 8-year-old whiskey?