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Thread: Chivas Regal?

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    Re: Chivas Regal?

    Decisions, decisions, decisions....Don't know where to start. I know that I will probably like the Black Bottle, but looking for an entry level scotch that won't break the bank. Chivas, Cutty Sark, Dewars, Johnny Walker Black, Ballentine's, Famous Grouse? So many and don't know what too choose from for my initial bottle again after a vacation from scotch.

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    Re: Chivas Regal?

    Of the ones you just listed I like Johnnie Black and Black Bottle. Don't really care for the others.

    Another Islay-ish blend is White Horse. Not real peaty but still good. Otherwise Teacher's has got a decent dose of peat and smoke but it's Highland peat, a little different....

    keep in mind that no blend is going to be as in-your-face as its constituent malts. They're going for a middle of the road profile, even with the more Islay-style blends.

    All that being said, Black Bottle is always a decent choice. Just don't expect it to taste like Laphroaig 10.

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    Re: Chivas Regal?

    I agree. It's hard to imagine a taste for Islay malts being satisfied by any blend.

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    Re: Chivas Regal?

    Actually I find Islay Mist to be a cheap drinkable blend with a taste of Islay (Laproaig is used). It's not a great pour, but for a >$20 scotch it works.

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    Re: Chivas Regal?

    A friend of mine is a big fan of the Chivas Regal 18, he thinks bourbons are too harsh especially the GTS I had him try but he liked the nose.

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    Re: Chivas Regal?

    If you are looking for a decent blend with little/no discernible peat, Great King Street is a good value or Black Bull Special Reserve No. 1 (Duncan Taylor).

    On the peat side, I agree Black Bottle is a good value.



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