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    Re: What type of glass do you drink your bourbon in?

    Quote Originally Posted by dridge11 View Post
    I use Riedel Vinum Port glasses....similar bowl shape to the Glencairns, and I already had them so figured I'd stick with what I already have. But at $40 for a set of 2, the Glencairns are probably a better value. I got the glasses as a gift many years ago, they do a great job.
    Those are my favorite as well.

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    Re: What type of glass do you drink your bourbon in?

    I have three go-tos and it depends on what/how I'm drinking.

    My first two choices are the standard Glencairn and these "Sipping glasses" from Crate and Barrel. One of those two will really favor most whiskeys and bring out a nice balance of body and top notes. Generally I prefer the glencairn (more comfortable, pretty durable), but I've found recently there are a few whiskies that the C&B glass really does good things for - Angel's Envy last night was one such discovery. The downside to the C&B glasses is that they are FRAGILE, unless they've been updated. Can't tell from the photo.

    If I'm having something on ice or as a cocktail, I'll usually opt for one of the glasses I got in a Four Roses gift set last year. Nice, durable, not over-huge. There's a real cutoff point for me and a lot of old fashioned glasses are so wide that I feel like they're designed to allow drinking from your ears as well as your mouth.

    On rare occasion (and usually only for scotches) I use a glencairn copita. Despite the occasional fussiness of some of the scotch people, I don't particularly think the copita is particularly complementary to most drinks in a way that justifies the cost.

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    Re: What type of glass do you drink your bourbon in?

    I picked up a few of the Crate&Barrel sipping glasses the other day. They are a short stemmed, 7oz snifter. I like them
    Wait for it

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    Re: What type of glass do you drink your bourbon in?

    Quote Originally Posted by Kalessin View Post
    I have a Glencairn but I don't like the way I keep bonking the glass into my nose when having a relaxing end-of-the-day drink.

    While out gift shopping, I found Bormioli Rocco "Galassia" glasses. The "juice" aka "small rocks" size holds 6.5oz, sits perfect in the hand with just enough weight for my taste, and stacks base-to-base with its buddies for storage and amusement.

    $6 per box of 6 at Marshalls/TJ Maxx helped with the buying decision.
    I have this exact same set along with my Glencairns. If I'm just having that "end of the day" drink, I will usually use one of those. If it is a higher shelf bourbon, or something I haven't nosed before, then it is the Glencairns. But these are great little glasses, especially for the price!



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