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    Re: Does the ‘perfect’ bourbon exist? Buffalo Trace's quest for "The Holy Grail".

    Here's the problem I have with even a 'quest' for a perfect bourbon, as Mark Brown proclaims: who's going to buy it?
    By and large, I'd posit, it's NOT going to be the bourbon drinkers most eligible and likely to enjoy it (and I'd argue a large portion of them reside on this forum!). I think it's most likely to be a handful of tasters -- like John Hansell, Pacult, Regan, our own Chuck Cowdery, Lew Bryson, who have samples provided to them -- and the collectors with enough money to seek out and enjoy owning one-of-a-kind, expensive items.
    Or, will Buffalo Trace -- once they've concocted this 'perfect' bourbon -- manufacture and market it in Jim Beam White-like quantities so that all of us can afford and enjoy it?
    Yeah -- the latter scenario doesn't seem likely to me, either.
    Also, I could offer many comments, questions, and doubts about how to even determine a 'perfect' bourbon, but you guys seem to have that angle pretty much covered already.
    Two points, finally: it's damned disheartening to suspect that only rich guys and insiders will be able to afford and obtain this so-called "perfection" -- but, it has ever been thus, so I can live with that; and, unless and until I get to taste and affirm it, I simply won't believe it's better than the 'perfect' bourbon I once received in a trade with Preston Van Winkle (an unfiltered, barrel-proof sample of 21+yo "Pappy", described here: http://www.straightbourbon.com/forum...37&postcount=1, and here: http://www.straightbourbon.com/forum...2&postcount=1).
    For me, anyway, it ain't perfect until it beats that one! And, I'd bet I'm more the rule than the exception in having an experience and attitude like that. So, Mark Brown is kinda wasting his rhetoric, isn't he? (Probably not wasting his time, though. I'm sure there's money in it. We're here talking about it, aren't we?)
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