I think its a great project and the 'quest for the perfect bourbon' is laudable. BT is currently producing some of the best american whiskeys on the market and this shows that they are not content to just sit back continue the status quo--they want to make better products and different products. I seriously doubt BT is making much money off of it Of course the end goal is (or should be) to make money, but I think there is a genuine desire at BT to get a great product out of this project. Of course I would like to try all 192 and won't be able to, but we as consumers should feel lucky to be included in this type of experimentation at all. They could have done it on a smaller scale behind closed doors and only had BT and industry professionals involved. And since the goal, I assume, is to bring a product to market that appeals to a broad range of drinkers, solicting reviews from a broad range of drinkers makes sense.

It's a great time to be a whiskey drinker. With this project from BT in addition to their other products; HH's great line and annual PH collection; Jim Beam doing a 120 proof sb KC, devil's cut, and who knows what else in the works; MM46; etc, the big boys in the industry are really stepping out and trying new things.