Been lurking for a few weeks -- found the site when I searched the interwebs for information on that Costco bourbon after buying it blind a day or two after it reached my nearby warehouse.

Relatively new to bourbon -- wife and I wandered the Trail a bit on our way down to Florida in December 2008. Walked around the Beam refinery, er, distillery a bit and toured Maker's as well. Made a few purchases at each, and did my touristy dipping of the MM 375 bottle. MM tour also gave me my only-ever tasting of white lightning.

Hosted a small tasting of eight different bottles in March 2009 (ranging from Evan Williams black up to Eagle Rare 17, a wedding gift) and have quadrupled the collection since. Favorites now include that 17, as well as Booker's (on the rocks -- will take with water next time, as I drink everything else neat now), Buffalo Trace and Corner Creek. Only bottles I haven't much cared for were Kentucky Vintage and Woodford Reserve.

Best "bargain" I've scored was a pair of bottles of Basil Hayden's on clearance at a Meijer for $25 each, though I don't think it's a bourbon that warrants its full retail price. (Also found the 1.75 of MM on clearance at a different grocery store for 20 bucks -- search and ye might find!)

Hope to make it down to Kentucky in June; BT is tops on my "to visit" list.

Still learning, and I look forward to the benefit of all of your experience. Cheers!