Been lurking for a while. This seems like an appropriate place to make my introduction. I also live close by and have seen their gin, vodka, & rums locally for a couple years. I never tried them as the price seemed steep and I'm not too into those spirits. Being a bourbon fan, as soon as I saw their bourbon hit the shelves I picked one up. They're web site says they use local oak to make the barrels it's aged in.

I love the idea of a local distillery using local corn and wood products, but it's hard to support at $40 a bottle though. I'll keep one on the shelf though for company and conversation. I'll also pick up each new release to try. I'm guessing the age on this first release is around 3 years.

As far as taste goes it's decent, nothing offensive, just no wow factor either, maybe this will change with more years in the barrel? I'm no expert on bourbons though. I'll be very curious as to others impressions. The owner has done some homework consulting with some of the industry leaders. I wish them the best, just think if the prices were better locally more folks would give their stuff a try.