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Thread: Hershey, PA

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    Hershey, PA

    gonna be in the harrisburg area this weekend and am looking for a store or two to check out. particularly interested in picking up a bottle of angels envy. any tips welcome. PS, if you want to see a great car show, go to the hershey car museum on sat. i will be judging.


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    Re: Hershey, PA

    Welcome to the PLCB. Good luck and get ready to drive to NJ or DE.
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    Re: Hershey, PA

    Quote Originally Posted by SBOmarc View Post
    Welcome to the PLCB. Good luck and get ready to drive to NJ or DE.
    The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is known for many great things. It's bourbon selection is not among them.

    That being said, it seems like you may have some luck in Harrisburg with Angels Envy:

    The search is extremely cumbersome such as if you search "angel's envy" (with the apostrophe) you will find it. If you search "angels envy" (without the apostrophe) you will not find it....tip: Harrisburg is in Dauphin County.
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    Re: Hershey, PA

    thanks so much. will check it out.

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    Re: Hershey, PA

    found some in hummelstown only 3 miles from my hotel. thanks alot.

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    Re: Hershey, PA

    picked up the bourbon last night thanks for the help guys.



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