I tried Laphoaig last night and have to say I was disgusted. I can't say I wasn't forewarned, but I was actually a bit caught off guard by how medicinal and peaty it was.

I confess I'm a rather shallow wader in the world of scotch. I picked up this bottle of Laphroaig 10 yr just to find out if it suited my tastes...and it didn't.

I have heard or read that the Islay malts are generally the peatiest and the Speyside malts are more approachable to the uninitiated...that they are "unpeated".

Basically I need some advice...please recommend the single malts I should try next. I did like Glennfiddich 12 year which I understand is a Speyside. It was basically good although a bit tame. I'd like to find something a bit more challenging than the Glennfiddich but less distinctive than the Laphroaig. Thanks.