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Thread: Jefferson's Rye

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    Jefferson's Rye

    John Hansell's latest WDJK? post mentions a new competitor for WhistlePig in the tiny "10 year-old, 100% rye" category: Jefferson's Straight Rye Whiskey.

    The folks behind the Jefferson’s line of bourbons, including the outstanding Jefferson’s Presidential Select releases, told me they will be releasing a 10 year old 100% rye whiskey later this year at 94 proof. I tasted a pre-release. It reminded me of WhistlePig. I mean, it really reminded me of WhistlePig (hint!), but at a slightly lower proof (and what will be offered at the significantly lower price of about $35).
    So the Jefferson's is slightly lower in proof, quite a bit lower in price, and will be released in "batches" (see attached labels). These differences aside, two nearly identical (on paper, at least) Alberta Premium whiskies, sold by American bottlers, and competing in the same niche market... Am I the only one who thinks this is strange? Has WhistlePig found a different source for their next release?
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