I have just joined and thought I introduce myself. From Michigan, lived here my whole life. I am a Gin drinker, which is very different from whiskey/bourbon. I also drink beers, keep mostly to IPAs(India Pale Ale) and stouts. Recently I was listing to a podcast (the BS report with Bill Simmons) and one of the guest was discussing what he drinks, and made a very compelling argument to drink bourbon. With very limited experience with whiskey/bourbon (mostly Jamison with vernors(vernors is a ginger ale, mostly found in Michigan)). I have decided I like to learn as much about bourbon as I can. I found this website when trying to research bourbon. I do actually research alcohol, I hate not having a good understanding of what I am drinking and then blindly stumbling through what to drink. I really try to have a high level of knowledge on anything I drink. That is about it; just wanted to say hello and wanting to learn and someday hopefully I will be able to give helpful contributions.

So I will have to figure out where to start with bourbon and I am sure there has to be threads with good suggestions.