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Nose starts out a bit medicinal, followed by lots of mint and clove on the middle, and a nice touch of coffee and maple on the finish.

It's good, and I would say it's one of the best, if not the best, 80 proofer on the market.

That said, I never reach for it. I hate to say this, as I often complain that Bourbon connoisseurs are the most frugal group of people on the planet, but at $20 it's never gonna be a staple for me. If it was $15, I'd swim in it, but for near $20 there are just too many other higher proof options out there. Weller SR, OGD, VOB, WT101... And if I want a summer Bourbon, I'll drop an ice cube in OGD.

(Before Josh and Oscar jump on my case, let me also state that I adore the house of FR. I try to stash as much SBLE 2009 and 100th as I can afford, and I love FRSB, Mariage 2009 and SmB LE 2009 as well.)
Jumping down your throat...

I think you make a good point. I like yellow label a lot, but the proof is a drawback. I think Yellow Label excels in manhattans and old fashioneds and sipping neat, but it can get a little lost on the rocks.

Nevertheless, it has a distinctive tast that is unlike most anything else on the market. I do love the stuff and I always have it on hand!