This is my standard pour unless I'm experimenting. Last summer a local liquor superstore decided not to carry it anymore. Because he knew I liked it, the manager said he would give me a good price if I would buy all he had in stock in order to clear up shelf space so I got about 4 cases of 750s for $5 a bottle and 5 cases of 1.75s for $20 a bottle. As a thank you he got me a Four Roses (Troy Brady) barrel head signed by Jim Rutledge which hangs prominently above my bar.

For whatever reason they decided to start carrying the 1.75s again for $25 a bottle. At that price it is a steal so I keep buying it and saving my other in case they stop selling it again.

IMO it's a light easy drinking bourbon that does well neat, with ice, and mixes well with other bourbons. Also, It is about the only bourbon my wife will drink.