Ok, so I was at the liquor store with a buddy buying some wine for our respective wives when my friend speaks up and says, "Hey don't you talk about bourbon on the internet, or something?" and he pointed at a counter display of Whitetail Whiskey.

It was $1.75 for a 100ml bottle, and I'd never heard of it, so I thought wtf.

Fast forward to this evening when I actually tasted it and subsequently notice the "Caramel Flavored" wording lightly written above the word "Whiskey" on the label.

Ho-lee-crap. What are people thinking? This stuff is like caramel flavored ice cream topping fused with ethanol. Do they honestly think that this can pass as whiskey? Who is this supposed to be for? My wife? I can't imagine she (or anyone else I know) would enjoy this. I certainly did not.

If anyone can think of a good use for this (a sugary mixed drink for someone's snooty girlfriend, perhaps), let me know.