I endorse hoarding because more sales will mean a longer distilling season. But Barton is not threatened. Arguably, it has been threatened with closure for years. In that regard, its future is more assured now than ever.

There are essentially four parts to the Barton 1792 Distillery; distilling, aging, bottling, and tourism. The aging facility was never threatened. That's the main reason Sazerac bought them. Bottling was second. Distilling was third and tourism wasn't going to happen if distilling didn't happen.

In distilling, Barton has gone through a period of correction. The previous owner had over-produced. Warehouses are nearly full. By buying Barton, Sazerac has been able to avoid building new warehouses, a big expensive bullet dodged. They are the only producer able to dodge it.

Inventory is now in balance so distilling going forward, starting this fall, will be nearly normal. As I noted in my blog post, Barton is set up so that when they distill, they distill a lot in a short time, about 180,000 gallons a week.

The folks at Sazerac have also concluded that Barton, and the rest of the Bardstown area distilleries, have a distinctive taste profile that differs from the Frankfort-Versailles profile. They think it adds to their ability to produce a variety of whiskeys.

Most of the jobs at any distillery are in bottling. The bottling line at Barton is the most flexible one in the company (and the company has five different bottling halls). The one at Barton is very good at cork finishes.

I know 'correction' isn't a consoling word to someone out of work, but going forward Barton will be fine.