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Just got back from Bardstown and 3 nice highlights.
1) New Barton tour seemed a bit out of sync. Hit the warehouse 500ft away first, then rolled through the grain dump/fermenters and distillery next, then through bottling and shipping. Think it makes best sense for tourists to see the facilities in order (distillery, warehouse, bottling) since not everyone knows the process for making whiskey like the back of their hand. I love the Barton facility because you see spirits making industry in the raw, with no beautification (think MM). BUT, there were still a decent number of trucks that rolled by on that road in between the VC and the warehouse and distillery AND the shipping area forklifts were busy... it might not take a big imagination to imagine a bad-enough tourist incident somewhere, some how, some day. Interested to hear what Bourbon Boiler thought of tour. His tour (or tour leader) may have been less disjointed.
2) Long live Liquor World.
3) I took a chance on the Moby Dick (since I'd seen it here somewhat positively reviewed, I think) and the bar area alone was jaw-dropping (from a control state). Up scale restaurants in Cincinnati don't have the impressive array MD displays. I've never been that close to an open bottle of Pappy23. (And the fish wasn't bad either.)
I'm still a few weeks away from my trip, but I'll be sure to report. It's been on the calendar since December, but it seems like it isn't getting any closer.