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    Re: Crazy Bourbon Shipping Question

    I have a PMB for business, and always ship to that - since it's open during the day, and there's always somebody there to get it. The point being is that it's different than my billing address and this has never been an issue.

    As noted above ^^^ at that point it's essentially a "gift" which is never a problem. They are always happy to take your money, and the only remotely sticky thing about shipping booze is that 9 out of 10 times they really do require a 21+ year old to sign for it. (one time they handed the package to my, at the time, 9 year old son... no signature), but usually it's required.

    Check with TPS, Binny's & Shoppers Vineyards - just call and ask if they'll ship to you, or have suggestions. They really do want your money - and will sometimes work with you to make it happen (without breaking any laws) - they know ways to get things done. But you'll have to interact with a real person to get those answers.

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    Re: Crazy Bourbon Shipping Question

    Thanks guys! I'm going to give Binny's or Party Source an call and get me some heretofore unavailable bourbon!



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