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    More Pure Pot Still in pipeline

    Per MA, more Pure Pot Still in the pipeline. This is fantastic news.

    "Then we moved up to the new whiskeys. The Powers was first, and it was clearly, distinctly different. First, it was 46% ABV. More importantly, it was fuller in the nose, with more wood, bitter chocolate, and old leather. The bigness continued in the mouth with a real punch, more of the cocoa and wood, and a wowing finish. This is a whiskey with real verve, “like strong candy,” my notes say. It is made up of 12 to 14 year old whiskeys, non-chill filtered and natural color, in “a sizeable percentage of second fill and refill casks.” Quinn said it was a best efforts attempt to re-create the older, earthier Powers style. It was impressive."


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    Re: More Pure Pot Still in pipeline

    Thx for that Robert, the new Powers in particular is one to look for. I like Green Spot but I find each bottle quite variable: I like it when not too woody (which it can be despite being relatively young).

    For a reasonably priced, traditional whisky, of any tradition, you cannot go wrong with regular Powers. Regular Jameson is good but Powers is better IMO.


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    Re: More Pure Pot Still in pipeline

    IDL just announced today that it is doubling the capacity of Midleton, where all of the above are made, so they must be doing pretty well.



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