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    Secretariat (Bourbon related)

    I just watched the 2010 Disney movie "Secretariat". What has this to do with bourbon? Well, it takes place in Kentucky, the home of bourbon, for one thing. I was drinking my homebrewed Bavarian weizen, and when I finished my second half-liter of it, the movie was getting to where Secretariat was going to race the Kentucky Derby, the first of the Triple Crown series. I thought to myself, "Self, you should be drinking bourbon during this part of the movie", so I poured myself a few oz.'s of Wild Turkey. An excellent accompaniment to the movie. By the way, if you haven't watched it, rent it. What a feel-good movie. Fantastic.

    As I type this I am having a homebrewed Belgian Tripel, and it just dawned on me that this was kind of a coincidence since I just watched a movie about the Triple Crown.
    Good way to start off the weekend. By the way, the Derby is only 18.5 hours away. Pour yourself one of your favorite Kentucky bourbon's and enjoy the race.
    Cheers, everyone.

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    Re: Secretariat (Bourbon related)

    As well we should. Good point Sir!

    It will be WTRB when I watch the Run for the Roses.
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    Bob Marley.

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    Re: Secretariat (Bourbon related)

    Actually a good part of the story takes place in Virginia...... possibly a toast to this great horse today with Virginia Gentleman would be appropriate......
    "The most futile and disastrous day seems well spent when it is reviewed through the blue, fragrant smoke of a Havana Cigar"

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    Re: Secretariat (Bourbon related)

    My Abraham Bowman's Virginia Limited Edition Rye will be my pour of choice during today's run for the roses as well as a viewing of Secretariat as this dram pulls together both KY and VA.

    First distilled (twice) in Kentucky, distilled a third time, aged and bottled in Virginia, this is indeed a special pour for special events. Stay Thirsty.
    "There's nothing better than a fine dinner, a good bottle of whiskey and a bad girl"

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    Re: Secretariat (Bourbon related)

    After the obligatory Mint Juleps (made this year with MB Roland spearmint-enfused white dog), I'm thinking ETL 15 at race time.
    John B

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