I have been reading threads for a while, but finally decided to sign up and say hi and maybe get some recommendations. I got into bourbon last fall and have tried many middle shelf flavors. Below is what I have tried and my favorites to least favorite from top to bottom.

Rare Breed - Love it!
Knob Creek - Love it!
Four Roses SB - Love it!
WT 101 - really like
EC 12 - really like
JB Black - really like
Buffalo Trace - really like
George Dickel - really like
Elmer T Lee - really like
Woodford - really like
EWSB - pretty good
EW 1783 - pretty good
Eagle Rare 10 - pretty good. Sometimes it has a vegetal taste to me.
EW Black - pretty good on the rocks, not a fan neat.
Bulleit - OK
Makers Mark - OK
Beam White - OK
Rebel Yell - Didn't like

I don't know if there is a pattern here, but if there is anything you think I might like based on my preferences above please let me know. I look forward to reading, learning and enjoying some bourbon.