Prior to last night I thought it was the Maker's 46 introduction party in Charlotte. They were serving 46 over ice in the dipped 11 oz glasses. I said no ice so the girl proceeded to fill the glass up for $7. I guess she had been told to fill the glass up.

Then last night I went to a preshow party for the Kenny Chesney concert. I ordered Maker's Mark neat but tipped generously a couple of times. When It was time to go to the concert I told her I needed one for the road. She grabbed a 16 oz plastic cup that was used for beer and filled it up neat for $6. When I thanked her she said I took care of her so she would take care of me.

I really enjoyed the concert sipping the Maker's because it looked like coke and no one even asked me about it.

It pays to tip!

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