Any tried this yet or heard anything about it? I was at a Van Winkle tasting at the Atlanta Food and Wine Festival and Julian and Preston included it in the lineup, saying it was available at the distillery shop and may be retail soon. This is NOT the regular Buffalo Trace white dog "mash #1" that is now in distribution.

You know, it's not very good really, nor is it meant to be. Julian himself knocked it a bit, recognizing that it has a long way to go before it evolves into something beautiful. He brought up a very cool thought from David Chang that the path from fresh corn to milled grain to white dog to bourbon is a U chart on the delicious curve - starting out wonderful, getting chopped up pretty quickly into something that's not too appealing, then shooting up exponentially again over (lots of) time as it matures into bourbon.

Blurry photo of the wheated mash white dog bottle in my blog post on the festival at

I have a clear shot too, but keeping that to myself : ) - it says "corn wheat and barley recipe, 114 proof -