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    Re: Quest for the Perfect Bourbon documentary

    Hi Mike,
    Another documentary would be nice; thanks for your work!

    I always love history but would be kind of nice to hear where they think the industry is moving toward or what they think the current market is evolving to. Nice to hear more about barrel proof, non chill filter, premium bourbon, aged bourbon or perhaps less aged bourbon, what is the level and age of the inventory for the barrels, wheat recipe, fine aged rye, etc.


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    Re: Quest for the Perfect Bourbon documentary

    Quote Originally Posted by bourbonv View Post
    I had a great interview this morning with Dace Stubbs, great grand daughter of George Garvin Brown and the first woman to be on the Board of directors for the company. I have another interview this afternoon with Pete Rutledge of Brown Forman. Al Young interviewed Jimmy and Eddy Russell and Dixie Hibbs has interviewed Parker and Craig Beam. I have three more interviews for brown-Forman people and also Tom Bulliett for Diageo. I hope they ask me to do some other people as well since this is so educational for me as well as being fun.
    Mike Veach
    keep us posted, this is a great thing for them to do.



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