Ain't that a kick in the pants. I finally have the time and $$ to afford and appreciate decent whiskey and now I have to trade it for 1/2 cup of pasta or a glass of fruit juice. I thought I would hate not being able to drink at will but I find that I actually appreciate my rations more and look forward to the days that I have extra carbs my dietary budget. The decisions on which brand are now agonizing with only one and at most two pours. I'm thinking about replacing the Scope at my sink with AA10, just so I can taste it. (Benefits: I'm down 12 lbs in two weeks and exercising like a demon. I may give Jeff a run for his money in July)
I'm going to the Bourbon Sampler tonight, glucometer in hand. This will be a true test of self control.
Has anyone else found a good system that allows them alcoholic consumption without the impact on blood sugar?