The thread in which we're trying to figure out where EWBIB is sold has gotten me to thinking, why is it that some bourbons are only sold in certain states?

I'm sure there are a myriad of answers, and I'm sure it's more complex than this, but if I own a liquor store in NY, and I'm talking to my Heaven Hill sales rep and I say, "Hey, I see you have a product called Old Heaven Hill Bottled in Bond 6 Year Old: along with my 10 cases of EWB this month, and the 6 cases of EC12, etc. I'd like two cases of that Old Heaven Hill BIB, I think it might sell..."

Why wouldn't he/she want to sell that to me? How much harder can it be than, "Hey, when you load up the truck, throw two cases of the HHBIB on there."

And if one of the answers is, "There's not enough stock of those regional, specialty bottlings like HHBIB, or EWBIB, etc. to cover the places where it's already sold", then wouldn't Heaven Hill just want to try to make more of that product to meet demand?

This isn't about Heaven Hill, by the way, it goes for any distillery or bottler. I consider myself lucky to be able to buy Weller 12, but I know many of you can't get it in your state, even though I am sure that there are several people on this board who would buy a case a year if they could get it. If those of you who can't get it at your liquor store could just have your store order it, it would benefit the consumer, the store, and the distillery. That makes no sense to me.

What am I missing?