Most microdistilleries present themselves as a lone farmer or passionate whiskey lover on a mission. This one

From their website

Cleveland Whiskey LLC is an innovative science/technology and marketing focused start-up with a patent pending proprietary process to dramatically accelerate the natural processes of aging and maturation for distilled spirits. With this technology, the company expects to sharply reduce the time-to-market associated with the production of premium whiskey by a factor of 12 to 1. Correlated benefits include significant cost reductions and the ability to accurately replicate taste profiles based on rapid prototyping and consumer testing. A new and disruptive entrant in a traditional industry, Cleveland Whiskey jumps into an expanding world-wide whiskey market ($19.8 billion, 495 million liters) with a distinct competitive advantage.

As a start-up we’re not yet producing spirits although we have been conducting a series of validation tests and experiments with our fast-forward aging technology. Using new-make malt and rye spirits, a range of oak exposures and toast levels, as well as a systematic sequence of thermal and pressure changes, we’ve had extremely positive results. In the meantime of course we’re raising money, but that’s another story.

Mmmmm, "science/technology and marketing focused" whiskey.