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    Re: Let\'s Talk About Vodka

    Well this is going so good I should pass the plate! Folding money only now Brothers and Sisters, Change in the plate makes me nervous! Dig Deep ,Give till it Hurts!

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    Re: Let\'s Talk About Vodka

    I will be digging deep for the Sam's 20 yo ORVW. (Amen! Hallejiah!) It definitely requires folded bills and S/H to boot. And, yes, it will hurt, especially if the wife finds out.

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    Re: Let\'s Talk About Vodka

    The original "Smirnoff Leaves You Breathless" campaign is considered one of the classic advertising campaigns of all time and that was exactly what the creators wrestled with. How do you find a selling proposition for a beverage that has no taste? The specific inspiration for that slogan was the businessman who wanted to have a drink at lunch but didn't want his breath to announce that fact to his co-workers.

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    Re: Let\'s Talk About Vodka

    Back in the 80's, I had some Swedish neighbors. They were friendly, well-to-do, gourmets, and they loved to drink pretty heavily. While I was in their sphere of influence, I once bought a bottle of Stolichnaya hot pepper flavored vodka.

    I kept it in the freezer, having read that the Russians prefer it straight and "frozen". It was only 70 proof and whan it was very, very cold, it thickened to about the consistency of honey.

    It was good that way.




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