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    Southern Corn Whiskey

    Picked up some "Southern Corn Whiskey" while in Augusta and found it quite tasty


    My question revolves around the fact that it is 95 proof and aged in "used oak barrels"

    I thought that corn whiskey was 100 proof and uncharred barrels.

    As long as you don't say "straight" can you do about anything in the production of whiskey? ie. corn whiskey.

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    Re: Southern Corn Whiskey

    Corn whiskey can be bottled at 80 proof or higher. It can be aged in either new uncharred barrels or used barrels that have been charred.
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    Re: Southern Corn Whiskey

    And since used bourbon barrels are abundant, corn whiskey if it's aged at all is usually aged in used bourbon barrels, hence previously charred but used, and not new uncharred barrels, which are a lot more expensive.

    Mellow Corn, a Heaven Hill product that is probably the best known aged corn whiskey, is available as a bond, and that version is 100 proof and at least four years old. There is also an 80 proof version, which I presume is just the bond diluted.



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