" American white oak barrels that stored some of the country’s finest bourbon made in Kentucky will now be collecting rain water in northern Kandiyohi County (MN).

On Saturday 100 bourbon whiskey barrels that were modified with a filter at the top and a spigot at the bottom were distributed to lakeshore residents from Norway Lake, Games Lake and Lake Andrew as part of the Shakopee Creek Headwaters project to reduce rainwater runoff and improve lake water quality.

Capturing some of the rooftop rain can help keep lakes healthier, said Jennifer Hoffman, watershed specialist with the Chippewa River Watershed Project who coordinated the rain barrel program for residents who live in the Shakopee Creek headwaters area, which flows into the Chippewa River.

Besides reducing runoff from impervious surfaces, residents can benefit from the rain barrels by reusing the rain water for gardens, she said."

Seems like a waste to me. I'd rather that barrel be used to age beer or wine a time ir two, then make it to Minnesota.