I was at a Makers ambassador event yesterday in DC and was less than impressed with the service, but it was a new bar (Jack Rose) and they are just getting their legs.

I came home craving some bourbon, I was desparate enough to make a quick dusty stop while jonesing and picked up a late 80's Old Charter 7 yo. But I went home and and wanted to put together some tasting notes. I poured some Lot B first then continued a second pour of 46 in tribute to the evenet I bailed on. (usually when I do tasting notes I sample two for reference, then do notes on it alone just because then I get to drink it twice).

I am not going to give the full notes here, but I enjoyed the sweet similarity to Lot B, the 46 had a strong front side sweet and mellow back bitter. The major difference was that 46 did not hold up at alll with water, while the Lot B did OK. Once the 46 took some water the sweet really disipated and the bitter back became prominent. Now I love me some bitter flavors, so thats not a bad thing.

All in all, I would drink it, but it is at its best bottle strength, I am interesting in finding out if it would do any better stronger (barrell strength).