The tour is not like any of the big boys tours. They are on an old Amish farm that they have updated. The mash and distilling are done in the same room. These guys are a true craft distillery. They only have 4 people working there and that includes Paul (master distiller) and his wife Mary Beth ( reason for MB). You are in and out in about 30 minutes. I would recommend it. Mostly because they sell all their experimentals and low volume stuff there. I have bought a couple bottles of the aged shine, their black dog bourbon and their ultra black (corn whiskey). It has all been top notch stuff. Paul is still tweaking his recipes, but I have no complaints with any of it. To my knowledge none of that is available in stores. Only thing available around here are their white/black dogs and fruity shines. If you are in the area It would be a must see.

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