Anybody give this a try? It was on sale this weekend for a bit under $20, so I picked up a bottle of the Islay offering - and it's not bad. I'd be tempted to say it's a very lightly peated Caol Ila, not as citrusy/enjoyable as the OB of Caol Ila's Unpeated, and certainly not as smooth, smokey and olive-y as the regular CI (which I've had all manner of ages of).

If I had to guess I'd say it's a very, very young (3-4 years) Caol Ila, watered down to 40% with only the faintest amount of peat (arguably it may not have any...). But it's still got the Islay vibe going on, despite the lack of smoke/peat.

I guess it could be a really young Bowmore, too - but I've only had a handful of Bowmore to compare it to - and it feels more like CI (and CI has the largest production of all Islay distillers to be able to spin off young casks for Independents like this).

Curious if anybody else knows more - or has tried the other regional offerings. It's honestly not bad for $20... I wonder if the Speyside or Highland versions are this tastey?