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    Re: what is floating in my Bourbon?

    I suppose if there was just a drop left I might dump it out, but I would fish a MOTH out of a fresh pour of KS!

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    Re: what is floating in my Bourbon?

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    I love sushi...


    Me too. I'm currently looking for good bourbons to drink with sushi. My current favorites are the 'Fox and Maker's mark as I believe only a lighter bodied bourbon will do. Anything stronger seems to overpower. My favorite sushi drink however is a Chenin Blanc or a Sauvignon Blanc.

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    Re: what is floating in my Bourbon?

    Nah, gotta go with the Japanese beer. Tall can of Sapporo. I still can't get into this Saki stuff, hot or cold. BTW, I've been to Asia and forget about the rice-based drinks after you've been reared on bourbon. Over there, it's strictly the weak local beers (though, admittedly, they do go well with the hot food).

    Ahi Tuna, especially spiced, is my favorite sushi. You?



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