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    Rocking Angel Kentucky Bourbon

    Anyone hear anything on Rocking Angel Kentucky Bourbon?
    Official Facebook page lists a July/August 2011 launch in OZ
    and I found a brief bit here:

    "Australian drinks firm ASM Liquor have released their Rocking
    Angel Kentucky Bourbon.

    The Sydney-based company set out with a simple goal – to produce
    ultra smooth, high quality spirits which far out taste the market leaders,
    without costing any more.

    Their Kentucky bourbon whiskey has been made the traditional way,
    with three year’s ageing in charred white oak for subtle vanilla and
    caramel flavours. The addition of rye, along with corn and malted
    barely, provide extra smoothness.

    Rocking Angel bourbon is released throughout Australia on 1 August
    and retails for under AUS $40 a bottle."

    Can it be called "Kentucky Bourbon" if it's produced in Australia?
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    Re: Rocking Angel Kentucky Bourbon

    Since they talk about "sourcing" their sprits, I guessing they simply import it in bulk and bottle it under their label. I'm guessing LDI or HH. Found this background.
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    Re: Rocking Angel Kentucky Bourbon

    ASM products are very popular over here, especially their Vodka. The Vodka O is certainly the best by far in the price range.
    I have just got Rocking Angel in at work, and will try it soon.
    It can be had for about $34, which is about the average one would pay for Jim Beam White Label over here, to put it in perspective for you guys.
    Great looking bottle, as all of their produts are!
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