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    BOTM 8/11: Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve

    Sorry I'm late this month. There goes the streak.

    I have a few reasons for making KCSBR the BOTM.

    (In no particular order.)
    #1. I though it was time to give something from the Jim Beam Distillery a whirl.
    #2. It's a newer product, and most of the talk has died down about this bottling. (re: MM last month)
    #3. It's getting a bit tough to try and come up with something for the BOTM that hasn't been done before, and be one that has a wide release and can be purchased, enjoyed and discussed by the majority of members here on the board.

    I am always open to suggestions for the BOTM. To be honest, there have been members that have made some good suggestions that I have used. So.... keep those cards and letters rolling in folks. In other words, feel free to PM me with any suggestions.

    Now, without any more , the BOTM.

    Here are my thoughts FWIW.

    I have to give Jim Beam credit for trying to come up with a new and different product, but to be honest, I was a little disappointed in this bourbon. Higher proof. Yes. More flavor. Maybe a little. The nose was promising. Smoke & oak for sure, with a bit of something fruity or sweet that I just couldn't put my finger on. I didn't get any of the nutty, caramel, vanilla nose or taste that the Beam website touts though. There was a hot, and odd spicy flavor in the bottle I had. Instead of a nutty flavor, it was more like when you accidentally eat a piece of the shell. The fruity/sweetness, that was there in the nose, seemed to taste like an odd/bad cake frosting instead of vanilla or caramel. Beam yeast???? The finish was hot and fairly long, but the high proof/alcohol covered up most of the flavor on the finish. I will say that while I didn't really enjoy drinking this neat or with a few cubes, I thought it was pretty good with some Coke. I dunno. Maybe I had a "off" bottle.

    Post away folks. Let's get your thoughts on KCSBR. Cheers! Joe
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