Long story. Full moon. 1:30 a.m Front Porch.

I'm out smoking a cigar and this girl is walking down my neighbors driveway. I bark at her, "wtf you doing"? Nice looking mid 20's blond, a touch of bad forearm ink, out of her mind on something. All over the place, not sure where she is at, story is all messed up, lost, confused "I can't go back to prison for disorderly conduct" " I was wrestling with all these guys on your front lawn" etc.

Well I end up catching a cab driving down the street with the flashlight I had grabbed to look for her phone. Got her in the cab and it took her away and I realize I lost my Rebel Yell lighter cover when she asked for a light and never gave me the lighter back.

A SB member was kind enough to give it to me and I've become quite attached to it. I know this is a stupid post, but if anyone has an extra of these shoot me a PM and let's work something out.