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    Re: New Tennesse Whiskey

    Save it, that was a one time post he will never be back again.
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    Re: New Tennesse Whiskey

    In fairness, one thing about micro-distilleries is that they stir up a lot of loyalty in their local communities. The biggest issue I have with that post is that it is an endorsement of a whiskey made by someone who doesn't know anything about whiskey, but is just spouting some words he heard someplace. (hint: 'smooth' is always the tip-off.)

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    Re: New Tennesse Whiskey

    None Officially, I have known the proprietor and his family for about 40 years. I am not an investor or paid employee. Just a friend...He does make good whiskey. I have been drinking bourbons primarily for the last 30 years or so....Good question......Should have been more transparent......



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