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    Cheese and Bourbon

    I recentlydiscovered Pleasant Ridge Reserve. It's made in Wisconsin by Uplands CheeseCompany. It comes from grass-fed raw cows milk. It's semi-hard with a naturalrind. It's got a rich, somewhat fruity taste with a touch of tangy saltiness onthe finish. I enjoyed some with WTRB last night and it paired perfectly.Highly recommended.

    You can get it fromMurray's Cheese Stores and online directly from Uplands Cheese or from Cowgirl Creamery. (If you get it fromCowgirl, also try their delicious triple-cream Mt Tam.)
    John B

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    Re: Cheese and Bourbon

    Pleasant Ridge Reserve is a great cheese.

    And if you order from Cowgirl, other than the Mt. Tam, the Red Hawk is great but it can be very, very strong.



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