St. George distillery in Alameda California was one of the earlier craft distilleries on the scene. They make a variety of spirits including Hanger One Vodka, St. George Absinthe and their very fruity St. George single malt whiskey. They have now announced that they will be bottling sourced whiskey as well. The excerpt below is from their email newsletter. I find this interesting since we have often opined that sourcing whiskeys is a way for craft distilleries to make money while their stocks age. At this point, St. George has been around for a while, and even released a ten year old whiskey, so presumably, they have aging stocks but are still interested in getting into the Kentucky bourbon game.

Remember way back in May when we told you we were snooping around the rickhouses of Kentucky and plotting a barrel heist? Well, we did it. We brought back a few hundred of the choicest barrels we tasted so that we could share some of our favorite bourbons with you. The twist? We're blending these barrels of Kentucky's finest to create a super-bourbon with a St. George fingerprint. We'll have have more news next month on when you'll be able to sneak a taste for yourself.