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    Re: The Party Source to Build a Distillery

    Generation war, baby! No mercy for the boomers! We got our entitlement and arrogance ourselves, and we're proud of it! (Horray for thread drift!)

    No, I get it though. I would contest many presumptions that boomers carry about those punk-a**, lazy, entitled Gen Y's, presumptions which have been promulgated on this site from time to time (by others not participating in this discussion). But to the extent that it is even possible to generalize about the culture of millions of very disconnected people, I will say that Gen Y is definitely not without its own sins, and obstinacy is perhaps one of them. But I think that its obstinacy is actually born of insecurity and denial of that insecurity more than any other cause. We are perhaps the most epistemologically shaken-up bunch of young people ever, and we are shaken-up in a way that I think Boomers don't quite understand. (The Boomers' revolutions replaced dominant entrenched cultural ideologies with other cultural ideologies; Gen Y is more and more giving up on coherent/unified ideologies altogether.) We are not sure what to believe or even of the basis of valid beliefs. In this dilemma, the only real recourse is to cling to what our peers believe, whether those beliefs manifest themselves in niche sub-cultures or in the mainstream. This annoys everybody for pretty good and straightforward reasons.
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    Re: The Party Source to Build a Distillery

    Yup. We invented it. But, then again, we were always right.



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