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    BOTM 9/11: Yellowstone

    Yellowstone was the first bourbon I ever tasted. It's funny, but at the time, I didn't know even what bourbon was. When I was a teenager, some friends and I had an older buddy who was kind enough to help us out when we needed a bottle of something to take camping, or when we went to the drive in movies, etc.... He always bought Yellowstone. Yellowstone was also the first "legal" bottle of booze I ever bought. I remember it like it was yesterday. Daytona Beach Florida, spring break 1974. Where have the years gone?

    My two cents this month. Well, maybe a nickel. I've had two bottles of Yellowstone, plus I've tasted a bottle or two at the KBF. When I first got into bourbon, I had to get a bottle of Yellowstone just for old time's sake. I wanted to see if what I had been drinking as a teenager was good stuff. That bottle four years ago wasn't anything to write home about IMHO. It was 80 proof and pretty light. Too light. Not a lot of flavors going on. Just a mild corn/alcohol taste, and not really much of a finish at all. The second bottle of Yellowstone I had...... well, now that's an entirely different story. I was given an 86 proof bottle of Yellowstone from 1979 by one of our waitresses from Hooters. Her and her boyfriend had bought a house, and found a couple of bottles of liquor in a basement cabinet. Wow! The nose was like smelling a bag of butterscotch candies. The taste was fantastic. Thick and viscous. A creamy, vanilla and caramel flavor that just opened up as it hit mid palate. The finish was also great. It just stayed with you, leaving you wanting for more. Fantastic! I brought most of that bottle to share at the KBF/gazebo a couple of years ago. It didn't come home with me. A testament perhaps to just how good it was.

    Let's hear it for Yellowstone. New, Dusty, KSBW, Mellow Mash, whatever variation you've had and feel like sharing your thoughts on.

    Cheers to one and all. Joe
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