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    Mississippi River Distilling LeClaire, IA

    Another new micro distillery that started with a vodka and now intends to
    produce a "bourbon"....not a "straight bourbon" however:


    "The bourbon will be aged less than one year. Not a typical approach for most distillers."

    “We’re taking a similar approach to our bourbon. We want it to taste more like the sweet grain than just what comes from the walls of the barrel.”

    “If you like our vodka, I think you’ll love this bourbon.”

    Well that is probably a truer statement than he realizes. However, they are using smaller 30 gallon barrels, but it will still be a young whiskey.

    Their vodka ranks pretty well:


    A lot of flavors described for such "neutral" spirits
    River Baron vodka...silver medal.

    When Obama stayed at the BlackHawk Hotel:

    “We were approached over the weekend by management from Hotel Blackhawk about getting some River Baron for the President.” Said owner and distiller Ryan Burchett. “We were told his favorite cocktail is a vodka sour. So of course we were thrilled to introduce him to the River Baron!”
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