Didn't see this posted anywhere, but for those of you into White Dog (I have not tried any version yet, so I have no opinion either way), Makers has a new release (on their ambassador web site)....

Maker's White Debuts

posted by Rachel Ford, August 8, 2011 in Maker's Mark & Tips & Tricks
The word is out! If you come over to the Maker's Mark distillery, where every bottle of our bourbon is handmade, you will see a new bottle on the counter. Maker's White is what we call the "white dog" in the bourbon whisky world. It is Maker's Mark, but it isn't quite bourbon. You see, the white dog is the Maker's Mark mash that has been produced and distilled but hasn't been put in the new charred oak barrels and aged (5.5-7 years for original MM). You still get that same corn heavy, less bitter taste with the red winter wheat in place of the rye, but without some of the woodsy, sweet finish.

So far, over 1100 bottles have been purchased! Make sure to let us know what you think about this Maker's before it's Maker's.