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Thread: Hopped Whiskey

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    Re: Hopped Whiskey

    Something peculiar is that in a beer, hop flavours will deteriate and dissapear (Pliny the Elder is labeled : Don't age this beer)

    Charbay, on the other side, seems to intensify the hop flavours as the whisky gets more mature. I secured myself a bottle of the 12yo. Which I am happy about. I've seen 100's of whiskies naming themselves unique, this is one that really is


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    Re: Hopped Whiskey

    Steffen, we discussed this one briefly elsewhere.

    I still haven't cracked my 12y Charbay but I noticed a difference as well. You're right on the character of the hops intensifying, though at least to my taste when thinking of countless IPAs, the first release and the second release, it's more of the earthy, funky, oily side of hops that were more intense. I thought that the first release was a bit brighter and cleaner, but that second one had just the right amount of grunge on it.

    I'll have to see how I feel when I try the 12 but I don't see opening my bottle anytime soon...

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    Re: Hopped Whiskey

    New Holland has a young whiskey called Hatter Royale that is hopped after distilling. It tastes a lot like tequila. Not bad at all, just something of a gimmick.

    In case anyone is a beer geek, I think they use Centennial hops.

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    Re: Hopped Whiskey

    I have had a taste of the Charbay thanks to a member on this board and I have to admit... it was excellent. Having made quite a bit of hopped whiskey using a variety of techniques myself, I am almost 100% positive they did not achieve that flavor by simply distilling beer.

    For me, hopped whiskey is not an everyday pour, but there are times when it really hits the spot. I found myself drinking it when I was up late working on grants (or sermons!) and wanted a pour that I could sip on for quite a while.
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    Re: Hopped Whiskey

    I wanted to get a bottle of this for Allan as a wedding gift



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