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    Hofbrauhaus, Newport, KY

    This is a branch of the world-famous Hofbrauhaus, the Munich beer hall, beer garden and brewery. I was at the original last December and so feel I can compare the local version accurately. I had the chance to visit this past Saturday, after my day in Maysville.

    I am not exaggerating in saying it was exactly like in Germany. The beers tasted identical to me. All are brewed onsite under close supervision from Munich (even online computer monitoring is used I understand), and it shows. The Dunkel (dark lager) was outstanding, with a complex interlocked malt and hop taste. The blonde lager was very well made with a strong keynote taste of German hops, Hallertau I think. That taste in my experience can sometimes be very penetrating, it can be earthy and almost onion-like, and is not my preferred style but it was a faultless copy of the Munich original. The wheat beer was very good too. Not all German lagers have that taste by the way, it probably depends on the specific hop used of the four or five typically employed for blonde or dark lager. I couldn't detect it in even in the HB Dunkel for example.

    The food was great - just like Germany again, I had "hendl" (roast chicken) - and the music and vibe also very authentic. You don't often see Americans dancing on tables!

    It's remarkable how they have duplicated the experience, I was really impressed. The Germans don't make the best beer in the world, but theirs is amongst the best and when you can taste it in its original form as here it makes a strong impression. I know all the beer fans in SB would love it.
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