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The next (second?) batch seems to be in the States, now. I picked up a bottle that was 58.6% ABV just last week. The first batch was 57.7% ABV. I tried both batches side by side. More fruit on the 58.6%. The 57.7% is smoother and more buttery in flavor.
I have a bottle of the batch B1/12 at 58.6%, and it's my first foray into Redbreast so I can't compare to other batches. It's also only the second Irish whisky I've had (the standard Jameson's being the other). Personally I think this stuff is fantastic with a nice amount of fruit and bit of what I have heard termed the "penny" flavor (i.e. some copper-ish overtones). It was a Christmas present to myself, but didn't get opened till recently due to my palette being all screwed up back then (sinuses or something), and then it getting pushed back into the cabinet and forgotten about for a couple of months.