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    Re: What bourbon are you enjoying? Fall 2011

    Nice pour of Baby Saz tonight. Not often that I find a bottle of this. better than I remember from the last time.

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    Re: What bourbon are you enjoying? Fall 2011

    Quote Originally Posted by B.B. Babington View Post
    Nothing wrong here. I sometimes like to compare top shelf to bottom shelf and sometimes really surprised at how the bottom shelf compares. Price is not always a good indication. I've had some $6/liter stuff that was palatable, and some $50 bottles that weren't. and OWA 107 solidly fits in the less expensive yet tasty category.
    Maybe not always a good indication as OWA and OGD 114 are worthy exceptions but I do think that there has to be consideration for proof level and age when comparing bourbons and these generally effect price. The price variability can differ among distillers and is not necessarily in a graduated linear way but pretty close. I also feel that once you get into the barrel/cask strength proofs it becomes similar to bringing a gun to a knife fight. I'm a believer in more barrel goodies are going to make a significant difference in taste as explained further in this closed thread and particularly fussychicken's post at #16. http://www.straightbourbon.com/forum...rrel+goo dies

    That being said, true blind tasting with no clue at all about the bourbons given to you for tasting, can certainly show your palates disregard for price. I recently rated Evan Williams BIB with a high number and thought it was barrel strength. Bourbon Joe regularly posts their groups blind tasting results, with proof adjustment, and iirc OWA beat out PVW 15, or something like that .
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    Re: What bourbon are you enjoying? Fall 2011

    Quote Originally Posted by hectic1 View Post
    I'm not trying to prove anyone wrong here...I'm just saying that you're expecing quite a bit from a bottle that sold for $10 or so.
    True, but on the other hand (and this may be off topic), I can't think of any current 100 proof 6 year old wheaters that can compare to the '67 OF BiB that I have. What I've come to realize is that many of today's premium bourbons rely on age and/or proof to push it to the next level, as opposed to some of the older bourbons which had a certain richness in flavor and fullness in mouthfeel that still existed at lower proofs and age. In my opinion, I think that is even more true for wheaters. I don't think wheaters hold up to lower proofs and age as well as rye does. Four Roses SB, in my opinion, is a perfect example of what 8 year 100 proof bourbon should be able to offer, but it is of course a high rye. What standard wheater do we have on the shelf today that is mirroring that effort? MM or Weller 12? definitely not, in my opinion... bland. OWA or ORVW 10 yr? Possibly, but even those are at 107 proof. (the ORVW 90 doesn't cut it, in my opinion)

    Anyway, maybe I'm missing something here, but those are my observations.

    I do wonder in a blind tasting how a WLW or PHC 2010 diluted down to 100 proof would score against Stitzel-Welller OF BiB...

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    Re: What bourbon are you enjoying? Fall 2011

    Quote Originally Posted by bad_scientist View Post
    $10? I always felt like I belonged in an earlier time I grouped them together because they're all relatively difficult to find, price aside. I don't think about price as much, though lord knows I should.
    I don't believe price has that much to do with it when comparing a bottle from ~30 years ago to a modern one. Personally I prefer the OF BiB I've tasted of that era to that which you compared it to, unless you're talking a 2006 WLW that is.

    Just goes to show YMMV.

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    Re: What bourbon are you enjoying? Fall 2011

    I'm forced to pound some OO on ice, as I want to get this bottling out of my bunker, and make room for anything but OO.

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    Re: What bourbon are you enjoying? Fall 2011

    Last night I was yet again reminded of what a damn fine sippin whiskey Wild Turkey 101 can be...


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    Re: What bourbon are you enjoying? Fall 2011

    Bowling night. Devils Cut, Binny's Weller 12, 80's Old Forester BIB, and 80's Old Fitz BIB. Drank good. Bowled...... Cheers. Joe
    " I never met a Weller I didn't like"

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    Re: What bourbon are you enjoying? Fall 2011

    EC 12, OGD 114 and Stagg 2011. The last one was definattly the best.

    Swedish lover of American whiskey

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    Re: What bourbon are you enjoying? Fall 2011

    Had a Heaven Hill White Label BiB on the rocks while cooking supper tonight. Polish Sausage, sauerkraut and pierogies. I'm not Polish, but after living in Metro Detroit for 10 yrs I'm learning.
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    Re: What bourbon are you enjoying? Fall 2011

    FR OBSV Shopper's Vinyard Rutledge botting... I think I'll follow this up with a FR OBSV 1789b to see how the two compare!
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