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1x WLW 117.9 proof (is this the 2007 bottling?)

Where in God's name do you live such that you can just walk into a store in 2011 and grab a 2007 WLW!?!? That's SO unfair!

LA (hell, the entire west coast) never has amazing finds like this!

For the record, very well done, Sir.
I'd beg to differ...some of the best "dusty" finds posted here have come from the west coast and LA specificly...you're not looking hard enough as I know for a fact that there are plenty of "dusty" bottles sitting on the shelves of stores in the LA area.

I picked up a bottle of 2010 WLW yesterday...it was the last one that I know of in the area and I hadn't gotten one yet. I guess I'll continue my WLW collection for another year.